Reader Reviews

"First of all, as I was reading this book, I kept asking myself 'Why couldn't I be more like the teen in this book?'...The main character in this book goes through A LOT...and comes out stronger. He represents the kind of character I wish my future son would have.

Second, I like the way Jon is able to effortlessly write from the perspective of the bully and the bullied, from a teen who experiences PTSD to a teen who is fragile but also stronger. This allowed me to see the story from various perspectives rather than a "good guy vs bad guy" type of thing. It's more grey, like the real world.

Third. this book is important especially for young men in high school. This is a time when men are learning about masculinity, love, etc. and there aren't too many books that capture how difficult the decisions are in this period.This book captures it perfectly from various perspectives. It's unique in this way."

-Charles Franklin
"This is an excellent and visceral book crammed with action, believable characters and gritty scenes. I really enjoyed it and hoping to see more from the author in due course!"
-Neil M. White
"They don't write books quite like this one anymore. Solid, tense, and visceral."
-Adam Lane Smith

Reader Reviews

"When you look around at the world today and see a seemingly never ending onslaught against masculinity, you cant help but wonder as to why. Diving further into it, you begin to see that its mainly due to the lack of truly masculine Men and the feelings of inadequacy from those lacking.
Toxic drives this point home while taking the reader on a journey through himself, pushing aside all of the clutter from society and bringing an understanding of what it truly means to be a Masculine Man in a world that desperately needs more of them. 5 stars. Very well done."
-Jeff Putnam
This book breaks down the most prevalent root causes of "toxic masculinity", which Jon Parker eloquently argues as being nothing more than repressed masculinity. The influences endemic to modern society are decidedly anti-masculine. This book arms men with the knowledge and tools they need to break free from the mold that's been placed around them so that they can be empowered to live an authentic life that is in alignment with their convictions and the natural created order.
-James Leonard
I hammered through this book in one hour. That was too fast. It's broken up into chapters with life work recommendations at the end of each chapter, in the same vein as No More Mr. Nice Guy. It addresses ideas important to men head on in easily digestible amounts. It draws on the writings of other men from contemporary to the Roman empire. And it focuses on introspection - how a man changes himself to change his environment.
The philosophy that stuck out the most is that this journey, like any journey, is a beginning. Not an end. Philosophies are something upon which to build, not a box in which to be bound.
The author has shown improvement in his writing with his first non fiction piece, and shows a respect to those who came before him. I look forward to his writings in the future.
-Edd Black
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